CCTV Systems

We offer the most advanced & current digital CCTV solutions; covering supply, delivery, installation & commissioning.

Preliminary inspections & Risk Assessments can be carried out on any size of premises.

The new CCTV system with remote monitoring can comprise of motion detectors that trigger the CCTV to that area and any intruders are challenged by a PA system using loud speakers located on site and/or challenged by a Guard on site.

High resolution day & night CCTV cameras with fully functional Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) can be utilised to cover the perimeter to the site & all access points.

All cameras can be connected and recording to a multi-channel Digital Video Recorder (DVR) located in a secure cabin on site.

The Digital Video Recorder is connected to a central control server over an Ethernet network or your existing IT infrastructure to enable the live & recorded images to be viewed from a central monitoring station or any PC on the same network; provided the correct passwords & permissions are configured.

The central control server can be expanded to cover additional buildings if required.

The remote connection can be used to download images for copying onto CD or DVD.

Full management software is loaded onto a PC providing you full Pan Tilt Zoom control, system warnings, camera failure notification & audio challenge.

Please let us know:

  • Do you require perimeter protection only or site & perimeter coverage?
  • As per any plan supplied, please provide the scale (meters) of the plan in order to correctly ascertain the quantity of cameras required for full coverage.

Finally, do you require any mobile response services or Manned Guarding in the event of alarm activation or will the PA warning be sufficient?

We will provide a no obligation proposal / costing in line with your specific details & drawings.


What our Clients say:

Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd in delivering quality and value is proud to provide endorsement references from a growing list of satisfied clients.

“… very pleased with the level of service… the guards have proven to be very vigilant & thorough in their work… always courteous, conscientious & on time… very helpful incident reports we receive… we have every confidence … pleased with the security provided… carried out in a professional manner… guards are polite & punctual… a very professional company… I would definitely recommend them… impeccable in behaviour, effectiveness & suggestions on how we can improve… an excellent service & were quick to respond to any issue on site… security has been great… security has been so helpful…”

Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd provides you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Security Back-Up.
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We offer price match/beater on our rates and a no obligation security advice service.

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