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    What our Clients say:

    Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd in delivering quality and value is proud to provide endorsement references from a growing list of satisfied clients.

    “… very pleased with the level of service… the guards have proven to be very vigilant & thorough in their work… always courteous, conscientious & on time… very helpful incident reports we receive… we have every confidence … pleased with the security provided… carried out in a professional manner… guards are polite & punctual… a very professional company… I would definitely recommend them… impeccable in behaviour, effectiveness & suggestions on how we can improve… an excellent service & were quick to respond to any issue on site… security has been great… security has been so helpful…”

    Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd provides you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Security Back-Up.
    Mission Statement

    A no nonsense, dynamic and dedicated approach in security delivery for valued Clients.
    Providing excellent service, quality and value.
    Reliable. Professional. Proven.

    We offer price match/beater on our rates and a no obligation security advice service.