Mobile Patrol Units & Alarm Response

Mobile patrols are effective where a deterrent is needed but full-time manned security is not a practical or a cost effective option.

Locations suitable for mobile patrols include isolated or unlit car parks or building sites with no welfare provisions for Guards, vacant properties and locations without secure perimeters.

Patrols are done at a frequency requested by the Client &/or a response to alarms being activated or reacting to a reported incident.

Our mobile patrol security officers will arrive at your site and undertake patrols covering all the access-points, perimeters & areas as necessary.

If a security breach is discovered, then Licensed Guards will stay on site & we will contact you to co-ordinate efforts to make the site safe & secure.

If required, Additional Guard support (Manned Guarding &/or Dog Patrol Units) will be utilised to manage any live situation.

We will not leave the site until it is made safe & secure by our Guards or if you tell us otherwise.

Where possible we would recommend a Manned Guarding presence on site.

Manned Guarding security provides a more proactive, live / real time deterrent with patrols making it difficult for criminals to plan & execute criminal activity. From experience we have found that criminals / mischief makers tend not to chance it with visible, vigilant & vocal Guards on site.


What our Clients say:

Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd in delivering quality and value is proud to provide endorsement references from a growing list of satisfied clients.

“… very pleased with the level of service… the guards have proven to be very vigilant & thorough in their work… always courteous, conscientious & on time… very helpful incident reports we receive… we have every confidence … pleased with the security provided… carried out in a professional manner… guards are polite & punctual… a very professional company… I would definitely recommend them… impeccable in behaviour, effectiveness & suggestions on how we can improve… an excellent service & were quick to respond to any issue on site… security has been great… security has been so helpful…”

Nationwide Security Guarding Ltd provides you with 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Security Back-Up.
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